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  • Have any of your contact info changed?

    Keeping your records updated is very important; please let us know what has changed

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    When you come to your appointment, bring your insurance card, photo ID, your current glasses or glasses/contact prescription, any old medical records, and a list of all current prescriptions.

  • Are you a past patient of Dr. Dapremont?

    Dr. Gaddy now handles all of Dr. Dapremont's patients here at Gaddy Vision on 10051A Lorraine Rd, Gulfport, MS. Be sure to bring your Insurance and ID when you come to your appointment.

  • Why is refraction done?

    The refraction is a mandatory procedure done once a year. It is to determine your glasses prescription and also let Dr. Gaddy know if there are any medical conditions causing the change in your vision. Dr Gaddy will use each yearly refraction as a comparison as well as give you your glasses prescription. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not consider this to be medically necessary and they do not cover this portion of the exam. Dr. Gaddy is a specialist. He will be doing a full dilated exam as well as obtaining your glasses prescription once a year. This refraction is not just to obtain a glasses prescription; it is also to determine if there are any changes going on that could lead him to a medical diagnosis. Insurance Companies that do cover the refraction: BCBS Federal, Medicaid, SAS through Memorial, some Aetna policies, Tricare Prime and Tricare Standard, Tricare for Life picks up all by $18.97.

  • Are there any post-op instructions for surgery?

    Yes, please follow the link below, both before and after our surgery.Click Here to Download Pre/Post Op Instructions.

  • Are there any finance options?

    Click Here to apply for CareCredit.

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