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Contact lens

Contact lenses can be a wonderful alternative to glasses. They provide excellent cosmetic and optical benefits when properly fit. Gaddy Vision offers full-service contact lens fitting with a wide variety of contact lens brands and features, including gas permeable, daily wear, extended-wear, toric, bifocal, colored lenses, and many more.


Family eye care

Dr. Gaddy routinely see patients of all ages. In addition to comprehensive eye care for adults, Gaddy Vision is an excellent choice for eye exams for infants, young children, and teenagers. In the pediatric population, early vision screening is crucial in the prevention of amblyopia (‘lazy eye’) and in the detection of occult ocular malignancies. If your child has never had a basic vision screening, if school or pediatrician eye screenings indicate subnormal vision or ocular misalignment, or if there is a family history of inherited eye disease, a comprehensive pediatric eye exam is warranted. Frequency of follow-up examination is based upon age, refraction, and co-existing conditions.


Vision Optique is our full-service optical shop located conveniently at our Orange Grove office. We offer a wide selection of the most stylish frames and state-of-the art lens technology. Our optician, Rene Kennon, has over 20 years of experience fitting glasses and contact lenses. Your prescription is guaranteed by the Gaddy Eye Clinic when you have it filled by Vision Optique!


Laser vision correction


Gaddy Vision sets the highest standard in the treatment of cataracts by combining state-of-the-art technology, outstanding surgical experience, and compassionate, individualized peri-operative care. Optimize your cataract surgery results while enjoying personalized attention at Gaddy Vision.

Corneal disease

Gaddy Vision offers the most up-to-date treatment of diseases of the cornea, including dry eye, ocular rosacea, blepharitis, corneal dystrophies (Fuch’s dystrophy), bullous keratopathy, and chemical and mechanical injuries. Areas of surgical expertise include corneal transplants, LASIK, and cataracts.


Dry eyes

Gaddy Vision offers the latest therapies in the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome, including punctual plugs, Restasis, and many others. If you are one of the many suffering from chronically dry, irritated, or red eyes, consult Dr. Gaddy for a scientifically based approach to relieving your symptoms.


Gaddy Vision offers a wide range of treatments for glaucoma, including a variety of surgical and medical modalities as well as meticulous screening and monitoring. If you have previously been diagnosed with glaucoma.


Gaddy Vision is an excellent source for screening and treatment of retinal disease, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and retinal tears. Dr. Gaddy has over twenty years of experience with argon laser treatment for diseases of the retina.


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